Manless, on-demand temperature and bath level measurement system for the electric arc furnace.

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Bath Level Measurements and Trending

CoreTemp offers a Bath Level measurement capability along with an integrated trend calculation and prediction Graphed against Energy input to the Electric Melting Furnace

  • Bath Level Measurements obtained at established intervals
  • Target Bath Level Range predefined
  • Bath Level Predictive Trend displayed for proactive decision input

Technical Data



Measurement application Temperature and Bath Level Measurement system
Measurement channel One analog input
Sample rate 50 samples/second
Measurement ranges 600 to 1850°C (752 to 3362°F)
Accuracy STDEV of 5°C over the coil length
Display resolution
Display units °C or °F
Power supply 380/480V 3phases 50/60Hz
Compressed air 3 to 8 bar
Air flow 2000 l/min blowing lance (max 5000 l/min), 800 l/min feeder +straightener