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QuiK-Spec®およびQuiK-Lab® - インスタント分析への重要なリンク


ヘレウス・エレクトロナイトのQuiK-Lab® Spectral Unitsは、コンバータ処理中の浸漬後1分以内に、炭素、リン、マンガン、硫黄といった最も重要な元素の迅速かつ信頼性の高い分析を提供します。

QuiK-Lab® 3


QuiK-Lab® 2



Measurement application Element composition of QuiK-Spec® samples
Sample rate 1 sample/80 sec
Accuracy 10% STDEV
Display resolution 0.0001
Display units %
Voltage/Frequency 1 Ph 230V 50/60Hz; Power (operational, peak): 3200W; Power (operational, heating): 2100W;
Currency (operational): 25A; Short circuit current rating: 6 kVA
Fuse Slow blow fuse
Compressed air 5.5 (5 – 9.5) bar; Quality: ISO 8573, class 5 particles, class 6 humidity (dew point ≤ 10 °C) and class 4 oil (≤ 5 mg/m³)
Compressed Air flow nominal 1050 SLPM (at 5.5 bar) with a minimum of 550 SLPM.
Remark :1050 SLPM only for air knives during maintenance intervention.
Argon 3 ± 0.2 bar; lab quality (min 5.0); consumption 1500 SL / day (with 50 measurements / day; flush 5 SL/hour and 3.5 SL per spark + 45 SL/hour for cassette flushing).

QuiK-Lab® 3



Measurement application Element composition (C, Mn, P, S) of QuiK-Spec® samples (QSS)
Analysis time 1 minute with 2 sparks
Accuracy 10% STDEV (P, S, Mn at 0,01 wt% and C at 0,02 wt%)
Display resolution 0.0001
Display units wt%, ppm, pts
Voltage/Frequency 1 Ph 100-240VAC 50/60Hz; Power (operational, peak): unknown; Power (operational, heating):
<640W@230 V, <320W@110 V; Currency (operational): < 10A@230, < 16 A @110 Volt ; Short circuit current rating: < 20 kVA
Fuse Slow blow fuse
Argon 6,8 bar max; lab quality (min 5.0); consumption 2 l/min between measurements and <5,8SL/min
during measurements.
Ambiant operating temperature -20 ºC to 50 ºC (-4 °F to 122 °F) 1
Operating humidity range between 5% and 90% (at 20ºC or 68°F) 2
Storage conditions between -20°C and 70°C (-4 °F and 158 °F) with a maximum of 90% non condensing RH
Dimensions 850 x 750x 1830 mm (length, width, height)
Weight 620 kg

1 To ensure optimal performance at cold temperatures we have mounted on the internal heatsink four 160W PTC heaters (HP06-2/15-240) (together 160W at 230V, 146W at 110V) per heater. The heaters will heat up the cabinet and electronics until the temperature is high enough to start the IPC and the .NET script safely. During this pre-heating the pre-heating light will light up.

2 In high humidity conditions small amounts of condensation can be formed on the internal heatsink. Underneath this heatsink there is a drain reservoir and flexible tubing to lead water to the outside of the cabinet