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Hydrogen Measurement Technology

The Hydris sensor system uses the principle of hydrogen partial pressure distribution between gas and liquid phase. The Hydris system gets a certified gas composition into equilibrium with the liquid metal to be measured. Using Sieverts’ law the hydrogen concentration in liquid metal may be calculated. The Hydris system does this automatically. Immersion of probe and reading are very much like a temperature test, just the immersion time of the probe is a little longer, but typically less than a minute. Hydris’ precision is today the industrial standard of hydrogen measurement in liquid metals, operator independent and free from previous sample preparation and analysis errors. A reported Hydris certificate is worldwide accepted as best method.

Hydrogen Control

Influence of ingot casting on the final hydrogen concentration Process control

Hydrogen pick up in the ingot cannot be avoided. The accuracy of Hydris allows, however, the steel maker, to minimize the hydrogen pickup by optimizing his ingot casting practice.

The accuracy of Hydris ensures the steel maker meeting the required quality standards. The confirmation is independent on the handling practice of the operators.

The measured hydrogen levels will decide which annealing process should be applied after casting.

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